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Where did the Alex one come from?! I’ve never seen that one!

Neither had I.  I know I found it on a Tumblr blog by accident on an image search, but here’s the link to the only place I’ve found it now:


River really, truly scared him when she told him, with with no restraint, just how dark the path he was headed down was - so much that he attempts to entirely change the course of his life by letting the universe think he’s dead and eventually erasing his name from their records when that turned out not to be enough.

But he can’t just stop being the Doctor with everything that name means just by letting the universe think he’s dead. When he thinks he’s won and gotten it all figured out, he is so happy. He’s going to go have adventures, fill River’s nights, and put being the Doctor as a frightening legend behind him (he wasn’t even initially planning to tell Amy and Rory that he wasn’t dead), but when he’s in the Dalek Asylum and Oswin says to him that the Daleks grow stronger in fear of him, it crushes him as she says, word for word, what River said the day he knew for sure he had to do something about himself (the day he failed the people who mattered most to him). It’s harder than he thought to stop.

He is still on that dark path he wishes he wasn’t on. He is always the Doctor - the legend, the hero, the villain - but he continues trying not to be someone the universe fears. He starts erasing the records of the things he’s done, creating a world where River gets pardoned and is free because the man she killed doesn’t exist - a world where River’s name won’t scare the Daleks anymore simply for having murdered their seemingly indestructible enemy. He wants to live in a world where his name alone isn’t so big that people act in fear of him.


River and the Doctor + the bow tie

Had an anxiety attack.  We had a tornado warning so we went downstairs and I had to pee so I was in my sister’s bathroom.  Well, we lost power and it made that buzzing noise and all of a sudden I just freaked out and kept repeating “oh fuck it’s dark” into the blackness and I was hyperventilating and crying.  My sister was trying to calm me down telling me she was there and she came in the bathroom to feel around and get me out.  It’s a small bathroom and the door to the bathroom is right in her room, but I froze.  She kept telling me to breathe and calm down.  Then she grabbed my hand, but I had to grab my phone so I let go.  Just then the lights came back on, but I was still stuck in the bathroom crying.  My mom told me to go lay down with my sister and I eventually made it out.  She got me water, the dogs were with us too so I was able to calm faster once I was in her room.  Not a great night.  My mom said if it happens again that I can come sleep with her.  I’m exhausted…



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*passive aggressive mom dramatically putting away dishes and denying help*

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I’m always attracted to the big things because I feel like they last. You know sex, time, death, violence. There is never going to be like an updated version of death, is there? You can’t get like the “new death” or the “new updated version of love or pain.” They’re eternal. And I think we are always trying to to find new ways of not feeling them but they keep cropping up.
- Florence Leontine Mary Welch (via flowrentzquotes)